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The ability to add themes and plugins without having to program new features into your site is what makes Wordpress so awesome. Need SEO optimization? Throw in the SEO plugin! Site speed starting to bog down? Throw in the speed plugin! The cache plugin! A couple of extra speed plugins thrown in for good measure and your site speed should soar, right? Unfortunately, themes and plugins can cause your site to slow down. For every plugin you have in your site, there’s more code, more database queries and more work for your server to do. Plugins often do not work well together due to programming conflicts. They also each tend to come with their own separate CSS and Javascript files, resulting in more conflict and redundancy.

Aside from top of the line Oahu optimization work, the majority of the themes and plugins for WordPress has substandard code. The result is frequent functional issues that result in website sluggishness or downtime. Another very frightening issue is the intentional and unintentional security problems that stem directly from faulty themes and plugins. Bloated code is also a problem. The WYSIWYG editor produces bad HTML, and most themes and plug-ins are bloated, so you need to install HTML/CSS/JS minifiers. But don’t get the wrong ones or they’ll kill your CPU by modifying every request! While big wins exist, there are no quick fixes.

Our resident developer is not only obsessed with such optimizations, but fully versed in programming Wordpress functions, in other words themes and plugins from scratch.

Case study: peterbfoodsafety.com
Google first page for the search "oahu food audits"
Also first page: waikiki food audits, kailua food audits, kailua food safety, maui food audits - 780 indexed pages!
Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Validated
Google Pagespeed 91/99

Case study: oahutraveler.com
Google first page for the search "oahu tour guide"
Also first page: oahu travel guides, oahu deals guide, turo oahu, turo waikiki, many more
Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Validated
Google Pagespeed 99/99

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